My Little Story

My Little Story


About Me also, I started my career as a retoucher in 2014 and now I am a full-time retoucher. Please visit my other website for my retouching work

I started this blog because I love to write and share about fashion, beauty & health. My retouching career helped me to focus more on beauty and health. 

My little story: When I started my career back in 2014, I had to sit on a chair for like many hours and it affected my health badly. I also had pain in my back for a long time. So I started to search for good food and a good lifestyle to make myself healthy again. And now I want to share my knowledge with people who sit for long hours during their jobs. I will try to share all kinds of easy healthy food and a good lifestyle which can keep you guys fit and healthy.

My mission is to live a chemical-free Healthy, beautiful lifestyle and go for pure Ayurveda techniques.  

I am retoucher during the day, blogger at night and live in India. I love to eat healthy food.

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