Diet : Why Vegetarianism?

Diet : Why Vegetarianism?

A concern with the possibility of living a harmonious life, free from anxiety and tension, invariably leads one to a consideration of diet specifically, the issue of vegetarianism. The virtues of flesh consumption are continually extolled by spokesmen fro public schools and state and federal agricultural departments. From childhood one is instilled with the belief that meat is essential, one of the four pillars of the balanced diet, necessary for good health and well being, and yet there are millions who apparently live full and vigorous lives without ever tasting a morsel of it.

The Nature of Meat

The flesh is dead food, often days old by the time it reaches the supermarket meat counter. In most cases, preservatives (a euphemism for chemicals that kill the micro-organisms which would otherwise develop on the surface of the dead flesh)and dyes (to mask the brown color meat assumes with the onset of decay) are added.

Additionally, vital energy leaves the organism at death, leaving in its wake only inert chemicals. Dead food from whatever source is tamasic in nature and this includes all canned fruits and vegetables. Conversely, Fresh fruits and vegetables contain living energy. The seeds from such foods will germinate and grow.

Food and Digestion

Western medical science has long known that meat-eating causes a drastic increase of toxic chemicals in the human bloodstream. Patients of severe kidney disorders are routinely placed on meatless diets. (The kidneys are the blood purifying mechanisms which filter poisons present in the blood.) This step is taken because of the increase in uric acid in the blood soars following meat severe coma even death. This same chemical has been indicated as a causal factor and major irritant in arteriosclerosis and other circulatory ailments. But uric acid is not the only chemical detrimental to physical and mental well being.

Anxiety and Meat

Animals have emotions, as any pet owner can verify, and can experience the state of fear and panic which are produced by the process of shipping and slaughter. What physiological state accompany these emotions?

Fear is the Psychophysiological response of the organism to threatening situations. Panic is fear carried to the extreme. Physiologically, the presentation of a strong fear stimulus triggers a complex chain of events beginning in the brains and reaching finally every cell and fiber of the organism. Once the threat is recognized, the hypothalamus of the brain transmits a series of commands through the spinal column to nerve centers throughout the body. In the throat, large quantities of the thyrotropic hormone are released into the system, while the kidneys pour out a flood of adrenocorticotropic hormone. These in turn trigger a programmed series of responses throughout the body.

In the state of hyperarousal, every cell of the body is filled with these chemicals, which remain after the rendering process. Regular consumption of the flesh of animals increases the presence of these same chemicals in the human system, where they produce exactly the same results though on a modified scale. The body of a meat-eating individual is continually in a state of drugged hyperarousal, creating chronic tension, anxiety, and feelings of insecurity and confusion.

What to do?

What then is the right diet for one who is seeking to raise his personal energy level? And how can he supply proteins and other essential nutrients by living on a purely vegetarian diet?

All nutrients come from plants, even the ones found in beefsteak. All life has its basis in the foundation f the food chain, which is plant life. Proteins come from plants. Lentils, wheat, and other grains and legumes provide more than enough protein for the human system. And knowledge of vegetables, grains fruits, and spices can yield a richly varied and wholly satisfactory diet for anyone.



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