In our previous post, we shared some natural herbs and we wanted to share little more herbs which could be very useful for naturally healthy skin.


Dhania ( leaves of the coriander plant )

These leaves have a cooling effect.


The seeds are often ground and used in cooking, or soaked overnight in water and drunk the following morning to relieve excess aging. The leaves are grated and pressed, and the juice is applied to pimples that are red and swollen.


This is an effective cooling agent. It has some properties of milk, but really more properties of the alcohol and fire produced by the fermentation of the bacteria lactobacillus. These alcohols are mildly alkaline and cause a reflex of acidification of the skin.


Yoghurt is generally mixed with cucumber or rose water and left on for only 10-15 minutes. It has a skin tightening and moisturizing effect.

Ghee ( when made properly, is clarified butter, derived for stages after pure milk has been harvested )

Pure, well-made ghee, from the milk of a healthy cow, is an effective moisturizer and common carrier of many Ayurvedic medicines. Only a few companies make proper ghee, Not just organic but according to the ancient recipe for ghee.


Rub the eyelids and eyelashes with ghee to rejuvenate the eyes and cool them ( only if there is no lurking infection )

Eranda ( castor oil )

Castor oil makes eyebrows and eyelashes grow thicker. It is commonly also used as a laxative once a week. The oil is also combined with other digestive herbs into a formulation designed for Vata anulomana (sending unharmonious Vata down and out ).


Apply it to the eyebrows and near eyelashes at night. In the morning, remove it with some yogurt and lemon rind. As a laxative, ingest a teaspoon before sleep.

Replacing your bathroom cabinet contents with oils, spices, a mortar and pestle, and some small stone bowls will change your facial skin in a few months and be an investment for life.

Over several weeks of gradually diminishing the use of artificial products, the skin’s natural oils and incessant desire to rejuvenate come forth. Most people notice the natural, healthy glow.

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