Ayurvedic Beauty Spas Secrets

Ayurvedic Beauty Spas Secrets

If you feel very uncomfortable with the oily layer or it is grimy, use the following ingredients to cleanse. Ayurvedic beauty spas use them in a host of routines for the face.


Ghritkumari (Aloe vera) 

It regenerates and soothes the epithelial (top skin) layer. Aloe vera contains a naturally produced antibacterial and antifungal chemical.

Application :

Apply aloe vera juice to acne scars and drink some too.

Sandalwood (white, not red) 

It naturally evens out pores and bleaches blemishes. This leaves a light residue and a fragrance.

Application :

Grind the wood stick for 40 seconds on a wet grinding stone used only for the sandalwood. Apply the paste to the face each night before bed, putting more atop pimples and oily areas. Use it weekly in the summer because it tightens the skin naturally.

Apply daily if you are an adolescent or eat a lot of meat.


Lemon juice is an acid and an astringent that is great to spot onto acne.

Application :

Equal parts of lemon juice and rose water make a nice facial mask. A pinch of turmeric can also be added.


It is very cooling and great for inflammation on the skin. It is used to treat many types of dermatitis and is excellent for rosacea. But Ayurveda emphasizes that the underlying cause of inflammation in the gut must also be addressed for long term results.

Application :

Apply directly to inflamed areas with cotton.


Cucumber has cooling properties. It is great for reducing swelling and puffiness, especially under the eyes.

Application :

Thin cucumber slices can be placed for 10-15 minutes on the eyes. Otherwise, the puree of cucumber can be used as a scrub. Leave your cucumber scrub from your favorite facial product line in a covered glass for 3 hours, If it does not look brown and

squishy after this time of oxidizing, it probably contains preservatives.

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