How to get back natural glow of your face ?

How to get back natural glow of your face ?

Many modern consumers are convinced by the media that many products for the face are better than less intervention. If companies would explain the chemistry of their products more objectively rather than cloak it under trade-secret claims, people could make more intelligent decisions. Ayurveda’s simple logic, unencumbered by marketing dollars to propagate its messages, look at the biology and chemistry of the face.

There are a host of natural bacteria that live all over the healthy human body, known as the microbiome. On the skin, a subset of these 900 trillion bacteria, which balance our 100 trillion human cells, take up space so that harmful bacteria cannot invade. By overusing antibacterial creams, the loses its capability to produce its natural antibiotics that communicate signals and protect us. Alcohols and astringents in face care products dry the protective layer and kill the bacteria but make it easier for harmful bacteria to move into the cracks, it loses its tone and a firm connection with underlying live skin cells, fate nerves, muscles and connective tissue called fascia promoting wrinkles. Ayurveda classifies all astringents as chemicals made of the master elements earth and air, which are ultimately drying increase Vata. When people dry their skin regularly, they create permanent Vata imbalances that can last a lifetime. The only temporary cosmetic solution is to apply moisturizers. this is very convenient for the facial products industry.

Ayurveda also states that chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Herbs and oils are delivered this way using medicinal protocols such as panchakarma (detoxification), lepas ( herbal pastes ) and Basti (local oil pools made atop the skin). Therefore, all synthetic chemicals that have oily components, such as the petroleum derivatives in face washes and moisturizers, also get absorbed by the skin and eventually enter the bloodstream. Think about this– If you do not want to eat it, why would you put it on your skin? Companies that have their own sales in mind do not really about your gut or skin. As long as the animals did not die in the preclinical lab studies that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires, they are happy.

Simple care for your face is really good and effective if you follow rules.


  • On awakening, splash the face with cold water. Avoid soap or other cleansers first thing in the morning, unless there is excessive sweat or oil from heat or dirt that accumulated in the night.
  • After the face, rinse the eyes many times with cold water.
  • The gently snuff some water into the nose and immediately expel it.
  • Swish some clean water in the mouth and throw it out.

Note: Coldwater doesn’t mean ice or refrigerator water. Just normal water from yesterday night.

How to get rid of pimples and redness from heat :

Pimple:  turmeric/lemon/yogurt, followed by sandalwood paste at night.

Redness from heat, trauma, or tiredness: Cucumber slice or paste and, cold cream from fresh raw milk, followed by ghee at night.


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