Good Health From Foods and Juices

Good Health From Foods and Juices

Most of the time we don’t know some common herbs which can be available easy and help in lots of body problems.

  • Anise ( मोटी सौंफ़ )

Anise, this herb cures coughs, bronchial congestion, and digestive problems, including heartburn ( पेट में जलन ) and flatulence ( पेट फूलना ). Chew it as a breath freshener. It contains chemicals that are similar to the female hormone estrogen. Anise is an excellent supplement for nursing mothers because it will enrich their breast milk, and for women going through menopause ( रजोनिवृत्ति ) because it helps with the symptoms such as flashes.

  • Caraway (जीरा )

Caraway contains chemicals that have a beneficial effect on muscles in the stomach, calming them and aiding indigestion. It’s an antispasmodic activity is effective in the relief of menstrual cramps.

  • Coriander ( धनिया )

coriander promotes gentle and effective digestion.

  • Garlic ( लहसुन )

Garlic is good for those who suffer from hypertension as it breaks the cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing the hardening of arteries.

Garlic reduces body fat.

A couple of cloves help ward off cancer.

fresh garlic when rubbed on pimples or ulcers ( अल्सर ), will make them disappear.

Boil 4 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup milk, drink every night before going to bed. This will help asthma patients.

  • Ginger ( अदरक )

Ginger quells nausea ( जी मिचलाना ).

It is used to fight cancer. Researchers, at the University of Michigan in Ann – Arbor, discovered that ginger has the ability to kill can cancer cells in two ways: (a) Apoptosis, in which the cancer cells, essentially commit suicide without harming the surrounding cells. (b) Autophagy, here the cells are trickles into digesting themselves ( digestion of cellular constituents by enzymes of the same cell.

  • Chicory ( कासनी )

Chicory is beneficial in skincare, liver ailment – sluggish liver, bile malfunction ( पित्त की खराबी ), even jaundice.

chicory helps detoxify the body. Its high fiber content acts as a mild laxative. Chronic constipation ( पुराना कब्ज )can be effectively relieved just eating its leaves.

Chicory juice, when added to carrot and celery juice, has been seen to be beneficial for the bronchial passage and soothes Asthma.

Chicory when eaten along with celery (अजवायन ) and parsley ( अजमोद ), acts as source of iron supplement.

Chicory is also a rich source of vitamin A and keeps the eyes healthy.

  • Cranberry 

Soak the painful blisters (फफोले) in pure cranberry juice. Much of our pain will go away immediately. The old blisters will go and the new ones will not hurt as much so long as you continue with cranberry soak. This treatment is very common among farmers, carpenters, loggers, and weight lifters who tried the cranberry soak reported how quickly their blisters healed.



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