More about our DOSHAS

More about our DOSHAS

Ayurveda asserts that the doshas that predominate in a body determine, the quantity, quality, and frequency of a person’s bowel movements. A Vata person, whose body qualities resemble the mobility and dryness of air and ether has frequent light and irregular bowel movements. Often they have constipation. In later life, incontinence of bladder and bowel can occur. A pitta person, whose qualities resemble the goal-oriented and quick digestion of the transformation- themed elements of fire and water, has clean, quick, regular movements each morning just after waking. A Kapha person- whole qualities resemble the heavy, slow and oily nature of water and earth- has slow, stodgy and infrequent bowel movements. However, most people don’t have a singular dosha body type. Over 80 percent of people have two doshas that predominate, such as kapha-pitta or pitta-vata.

A pitta-vata person will generally have clean, regular movements each morning, but witness fluctuations when vata is elevated due to emotions, overwork or anger. This is because of the primary pitta nature, followed by the irregularity of the secondary vata nature. A vata-pitta person will generally have constipation and or frequent movements of an irritable bowel that feel dry and incomplete or hot, especially when the person is unbalanced, has not eaten optimally the previous day or is angry. This is due to the airy nature that dries the colon and the mind and makes the body prone to Vata imbalances because of the combination of the heat of pitta and wind of vata.

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