Know more about Vata Dosha type

Know more about Vata Dosha type

In this article, I will cover about Vata body type and how to identify your vata dosha.

For example :

Vata is cold and spacious, so it is useful for those of high Vata nature to keep warm at all times. Internal cold, balanced by external warmth, relaxes the body and is grounding.

Pitta is hot and oily so it wise for high Pitta-types to be conservative with their consumption of greasy foods. In addition, choosing spices, herbs, and condiments that have a cooling effect and help with the digestion of fat is useful.

Kapha is dull so it is useful to keep high kapha types mentally stimulated and physically active.

On Identifying Attributes

VATA: Body Type

-slender in build or overweight

-thin as a child

-under-developed muscles, flat chest

-fine, small bones & prominent joints

-unusually tall or short in height

-skin problems with dryness, especially in winter; other conditions may include psoriasis, dry eczema, leathery texture, corns calluses, cracks


-cycle irregular

-longer between periods

-scanty, clotty flow

-dark blood


-loves crunchy snacks

-needs to eat frequently


-dry, crunchy snacks

-salty, sour foods

-eating a lot or very little


-tires easily

-low fertility


-very restless

-low stamina

-rarely sweats


-either light or very deep

-sleep often broken


-many, but often forgotten


-loves sun and warmth

-miserable, nervous in high wind, dryness and cold


-difficulty in creating useful habits


-emotional and changeable for no particular reason

-creative, alert, active, restless

In my next post I will cover up PITTA body type


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